Creative Solutions

When Autodesk, a world leader in 3D design software for entertainment, natural resources, manufacturing, engineering, construction, and civil infrastructure asked if we could assist with the re-branding of more than 20 of their facilities, Brandit welcomed the opportunity and created a streamlined solution to meet their needs. Our team developed an on-line and mechanical catalog where branch managers could go and easily purchase their new wall enhancements.

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, a company that offers a broad range of precision linear motion products was looking for a turn-key solution to their uniform needs. They called Brandit Marketing Solutions. Our team knew time wasn’t a luxury that the company had to manage their apparel identity. Our solution consisted of custom built, on-line and mechanical catalog which allows their employees to use their allotted budget and have a choice. Once they placed their order, we took it from there. Brandit not only received the orders, but sorted them and broke them out by department and delivered them to the appropriate locations. The client couldn’t have been happier with the attention to detail we provided and the fact that we were able to efficiently introduce them to new ideas.

The Granite Group is a full service wholesale distributor of plumbing, heating, cooling & water supplies who prides themselves on supplying the highest quality products in the industry, delivered through a dynamic distribution system. Also recognized as Plumbing and Mechanical SUPPLY HOUSE OF THE YEAR, The Granite Group is a company who is very proud of their employees and realize that in business there are promise makers and promise keepers. Promise makers are the marketing and development individuals promising that they are a company that their customers can trust. Promise keepers are their employees who make it happen! When The Granite Group decided to thank their staff for their great work, they came to us. The Brandit team worked to find the right items that fit their budget and knew that gathering all the necessary information was going to be a challenge. Our solution was to create an e-commerce and mobile app that would collect the pertinent information. Once the order cycle was completed, Brandit processed all of the orders, broke them out by branch and delivered them in time for their event.

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